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Mobile web development is a paradoxical craft. It offers cutting-edge, Jetsons-esque technology, but resurrects last-decade, we-might-as-well-be-Flintstones nuisances. Websites can use geolocation and support multi-touch input, but at the same time, must contend with small screen dimensions and unreliable network speeds.

Much of this can be covered during a mobile website’s creative phases: the user experience can be designed to take advantage of geolocation and touch-based interactions, and a responsive design can make it look natural with any screen size or orientation.

What about slow network connections? Improving every user’s connection is a bit too much to ask. Instead, effective server-side optimization can mean the difference between “I’m going to view this on my phone” and “This is taking ages to load, and I have better things to do.”

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At Mint, we’ve researched and implemented many techniques for optimizing a website’s page load time—in particular, how to make CSS, JavaScript, and images load as quickly as possible. To help make the web a slightly faster place, we’ve open sourced our results as a Rails gem called AssetHat. This gem is currently accelerating all of our websites in production, and has yielded some fantastic results. If you use AssetHat in your own Rails websites, we’d love to hear your story.

Mobile is Job One

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Shoshi and Ron ventured up to Boston for An Event Apart last week and returned with a smattering of wisdom worth passing on to the readership (that’s a shout out to you, Richard).  Shoshi, a recent addition to the Mint team and an enthusiastic pocketmints contributor, has written an excellent post over on the Mint Digital blog about how designing for mobile has become the first step in the process.  Here is a taste of the goodness:

“In Q4 of 2010, smartphone sales surpassed desktop sales…. The average user visits up to 24 sites per day on their phone,” (Luke W) proclaimed in his presentation at (An Event Apart Boston). In short, more people will be visiting your site on their phone than on a desktop, and it’s happening faster than we think. We’ve heard about the growth and importance of mobile, but this makes mobile the first priority, right now.

Certainly worth a read for those that were not in attendance.  Find the full post over at the Mint blog.

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